Katura Group is a company providing foreign entities, non-government institutions and trade conglomerates access to a number of markets throughout West Africa.

Through Katura Group’s extensive network of activities in different sectors within the region, Katura Group enables companies to enter markets where barriers of entry are high due to very diverse rules and regulations, specialized contingents and tenders, geographical challenges and lack of local cultural knowledge.

Katura Group can provide a thorough understanding of the market as well as the economic and political climate in the region. Key considerations are the availability of resources and labour, as well as legislative and regulatory requirements. Local participation is essential to ensure the correct establishment of relationships, manage risks, and ensure the effective execution of projects. Our combination of international expertise and long standing regional presence positions Katura Group as an ideal platform for entities wishing to overcome the challenges of entering one of the world’s fastest growing regions.  

Why West Africa?

The West African region has been at the forefront of Africa’s development over the last decade, but there remains tremendous growth prospects within these comparatively untapped markets. The IMF has forecast that Africa’s GDP growth will be 5.1% in 2013, second only to developing Asia globally. The West African region outperformed the rest of the continent with growth rates of 6.6% in 2012 and an expected average 6.7% and 7.4% increase in 2013 and 2014,driven by some of its largest economies such as Nigeria and Ghana. These’ countries stock markets are also among the world’s 15 best performers this year and the BRVM’s Composite Index increased 21% during this time period, a greater increase than the FTSE/JSE Africa All-Share Index’s 13%.

The region is blessed with an abundance of resources, with growth not only being driven by the Oil and Gas sector, but also minerals, agriculture, and services. With a population of over 300 million (doubling every 20 years) and the highest rate of urbanization in the world, West Africa provides a huge potential consumer base. Over the last decade Nigeria and Ghana alone have attracted almost $150 billion in FDI with the highest increase in FDI focused on the acquisition of land to cope with the ever increasing need for a stable source of food supply. Almost half of all FDI in Africa has flowed to West Africa since 2011, a year which saw a 36% increase in the region’s FDI alone ($16 billion).

Demographic growth, strengthened democracies, increased transparency and accountability, changing policies and national capacities – all of these combined with governments and local sector leaders willingness to open up for strong partners, to build trust between government, business and citizens make Western Africa the prime destination for foreign direct investment.

West African countries have overcome many challenges to be the strong democracies they are today. West Africa has a very young and thriving population and vast natural resources.

Katura Group believes West Africa to be an enormous hub of business potential when entered in unbiased and long lasting relationships with local industries. Many opportunities are open for international companies, writing success stories built on good standard of practice and corporate governance.

The management of Katura Group is set up with highly experienced and well-connected business personalities with both European and African backgrounds.

Soheil studied Economics and Philosophy at the London School of Economics, as well as a Masters in Public Policy and Philosophy, before completing a Graduate Diploma in Law from Kaplan Law School.

Previously focused on theMiddle East, he has been involved with the West African region for almost a decade, representing both local and international entities across a number of countries. Working alongside a network of primarily Middle Eastern and European family offices, Soheil has participated in projects within a variety of industries including Oil and Gas, Construction, and Mining.

Ivie Igbinedion has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from Queen Mary University of London and a Postgraduate Degree in International Public Health and Nutrition at the University of Westminster. Her foray into business began in the UK over 10 years ago running a Successful Property Management Company.

She is extremely familiar with the intricacies of business development in West Africa and has vast experience in Health, Communication and Real Estate sectors in the region. She represents a number of companies in the region both locally and internationally.

Orobosa Igbinedion has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, French and History of Art from the University of Durham and a Masters degree in International Public Management from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po). During her Masters, she specialized in International Energy and Africa. She has experience in several fields varying from Communications to Diplomacy and Energy and is very familiar with business and West Africa.

Katura Group is registered in both Nigeria and Guernsey, working with the latest standards of accountability and reporting.

Katura Group aims to demonstrate good corporate citizenship through environmental awareness, ethical behavior and sound corporate governance practices.

Katura Group operates in countries where many people, especially children are not as fortunate as we were when we were young and as we are today. We strongly believe that we can only be successful over generations, if we support the weakest link in the society. For us, these are the children, because the children hold our dreams, our hopes and our inspiration – we owe them their emotional, physical and material wellbeing!

Katura Group donates part of its revenues to established local charity institutions in its target countries in West Africa. Through Katura Group’s link with Golden Peaks Capital Holdings (www.gpc-holding.com), donations are made to THE GOLDENPEAKS FOUNDATION. The GoldenPeaks Foundation sponsors child-related activities such as for example medical support vehicles for remote villages. These vehicles enable villagers the access to medical treatments in areas where hospitals or the access to doctors are a long walking distance away or even impossible.

To learn more about THE GOLDENPEAKS FOUNDATION and the charity activities of Katura Group, please visit www.thegoldenpeaksfoundation.com or contact your personal Katura Group representative.

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