Our portfolio currently holds active projects in Real Estate, Oil & Gas and in Infrastructure in Nigeria, Niger, Ghana and in the near future also in Sierra Leone.

We aim at structuring our portfolio in a way that is coherent with our target strategy and building synergies between sectors and corporations. We team up with the strongest players within each sector, be it by size or by uniqueness of a product or service.

Magnum Technology Solutions
Real Estate

Magnum Technology Solutions is a company based in Switzerland with a branch office in Dubai and operations in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Magnum Technology Solutions and its capability of delivering pre-engineered turn key housing solutions for governments, private institutions and NGO’s are unique in West Africa.  

Be it a large number of residential or commercial units built in a short period of time and very cost effective, or planning a whole new urban living space, Magnum Technology Solutions is your preferred partner.

WYG Group

WYG is a global management and technical consultancy active in many market sectors worldwide. In WestAfrica WYG is engaging in large infrastructure and project management projects for local and international corporations.

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