Oil and Gas

West Africa, led by Nigeria, is a region rich in oil assets. Studies have shown that capital expenditure in the regional market will total in excess of $20BN in 2013 alone. Nigeria remains the largest oil producer in the region, with Ghana playing an ever increasingly important role as a producer itself. Countries such as Cote D’Ivoire have overcome political difficulties and oil companies have been keen to explore opportunities that the continent holds. West African governments are opening up the access for foreign direct investors to their oil sector. Such projects are predominantly undertaken in partnership with the government, where international companies are expected to bring their expertise and workforce to develop the assets in the interests of the local economy and not their commercial interests alone.

Gas production in West Africa continues to dominate the continent’s output, with Nigeria accounting for 6.6 billion cubic feet per day. New production from Angola and Ghana will further increase the region’s importance in this field and exploration has intensified with significant discoveries being made in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Equatorial Guinea over the last 18 months alone. While oil accounts for a significant portion of exports in countries such as Nigeria, gas will play a key role in power production locally. Demand for power has increased considerably over the last few years and this will continue to drive demand for gas for the foreseeable future.

Katura Group has a diverse and active background within the Oil and Gas sector, and can successfullyfoster investment opportunities that bring positive partnerships and long lasting business relationships to the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Working closely with both private and public entities is essential to ensure the successful execution of projects and Katura’s long standing international and local experience can greatly support companies wishing to establish or expand their businesses in this sector.


Infrastructure projects for both private companies and government institutions offer the possibility for international companies to play a key role in building the region’s infrastructure network. Regional governments are keen to identify the right international partners to work with them in developing many of their countries’ key infrastructural requirements such as power generation, water management, port expansions, and transport systems. With a highly skilled work force and vast experience in managing projects on a turnkey basis, Katura Group partners with global leaders in this sector.

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WYG Group

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Real Estate

West African Countries experience an immense housing demand and have a great housing deficit for low income and the middle class. Many opportunities arise for companies willing to develop suitable housing solutions, mostly in connection with local governments and building contractors.

Katura Group, together with its partners, is active in developing pre-engineered housing solutions for the low income, middle class and luxury housing units. Visit our Portfolio Page to learn more about our activities in this sector.

Recent Projects in this sector

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Magnum Technology Solutions

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Security is needed in all sectors of an economy and on government level to secure both fixed and variable assets. Both the experience and professionalism but also modern equipment and trustworthy employees are essential to cover highly specialised projects.

Due to Katura Group’s strong regional and worldwide networks we are able to deliver cross-border projects with a high degree of diplomacy and diligence. Communication and confidentiality are crucial elements of the business model.

Our partners place an emphasis on using the latest technology to help drive your business requirements whilst controlling financial expenditure.

Asset Management

At Katura Group we see Asset Management as an individual aspect of the finance sector. In depth analysis of a clients locally held and international assets including real estate portfolios is essential to cater for their needs in terms of an ideal and individual asset allocation. Continuously monitoring the asset allocation and risk profiles so that they are in line with the client’s current and potential future situation is seen as the key to sustainable asset management.

Katura Group works with some of the leading banking institutes, always respecting international tax fraud and money laundry laws and regulations.

Telecommunications & IT

Mobile telecommunication and information technology systems are on the high rise in West African countries. Mobile penetration is growing exponentially and networks are investing heavily in serving this demand. The Telecommunications & IT sector in West Africa has a great potential to be even more efficient and reach more people, especially outside bigger cities.

Katura Group features extensive knowledge of the telecommunications and IT sector in West Africa and can support you in finding the right partner for your venture.


The agricultural sector is of paramount importance in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and accounts for approximately 35% of the region’s GDP. Major crops include coca beans, palm oil, rice, maize, and soybeans. Over half of the population are employed in this sector and it accounts for over 16% of all products and services exported from the region. Locally the sector plays a major role in combating poverty, food security issues, natural resource management, environmental protection and soil fertility. Over the last few years there has been a 229% increase in farmland yet per-hectare-yields remain among the lowest in global rankings. Production systems have not intensified and disinvestment until recently have stifled growth. Rising food prices have led to the sector becoming an increasing focus to the international community as countries seek to capitalise on the untapped, naturally fertile land that West Africa is rich in. Regional governments have also come together to harmonise efforts to improve productivity as demonstrated by ECOWAP (the region’s Agricultural Policy) that was signed in 2005.

Katura Group works closely with governments and local families to identify efficiency potential, offering local farming groups the opportunity to work alongside investors from abroad to make their work more efficient and increase output. When supporting international entities to establish themselves within the agricultural sector, Katura Group is conscious of the need to respect the local community, their necessities, culture and traditions.


With growing business activities and increased financial well-being, more goods and more people use airplanes as mean of transport. The aviation sector accounts not only for the people transport and cargo but also for a big security issue and infrastructure needs.

Opportunities arise with airlines and existing airports that need modernisation and efficiency schemes, but also with newly built and planned airports throughout the region.

The aviation sector is very specialized labour intensive and requires a high degree of security and precision in all aspects.


The African continent is richly endowed with mineral resources. But, to be able to have a functioning mining sector, there is a great need for infrastructure, stable legal systems, a predictable fiscal regime and profit repatriation guarantees. Governments of West African countries are aware of these needs and have been working hard towards implementing the aforementioned starting positions in order to open up the sector to foreign direct investment and ease the way for local mining corporations to access foreign exchange.

African mineral reserves rank among the highest in the world for a wide range of products such as copper, bauxite, gold, iron ore, manganese, lead, and zinc amongst others. While some of the largest companies in the world have been operating in the region for many years, the continent remains greatly unexplored in comparison to the rest of the world with strong growth expected in many countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, and Burkina Faso.

Katura Group believes that the outlook for Africa’s mining sector remains bright as huge tracts of West Africa remain under-utilized. A strong local presence is essential as is the need torespect local communities, the culture and their natural environment as well as their requirements for sustainable growth and wellbeing. Within such a framework of understanding and cooperation, long lasting, unique, and profitable investments can be made.

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